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Antenna Modeling
    EZNEC is a well known and often used antenna modeling program. A sample or freeware version is available that will not handle complex antennas - beams, yagis, etc. A full commercial program is also available. The EZNEC web site has several options, downloads and further information.
    Link to EZNEC

CW Code Practice

    A computer is a perfect tool to practice Morse Code using either the sound cad or PC speaker. Two popular programs are NuMorse and SuperMorse. When properly interfaced, these programs can also be used for CW keying into your rig. NuMorse works best with later Windows version, SuperMorse works best with DOS and older Windows.
    Download NuMorse [977k ZIP file]
    Download SuperMorse [195k EXE file]

CW Code Send/Receive
    Morse Code send and receiving programs are another popular PC venue. CW sending is a very simple program concept only requiring a PC-rig interface. CW receiving, on the other hand, is more complex because of all the variations in incoming code levels, speed and signal form. CWTYPE (CW send) and CWGET (CW receive) are two shareware programs that may be used alone or together. Also many of the popular logging programs provide for CW sending from the keyboard.
    Download CWGET [764k ZIP file]
    Download CWTYPE [699k ZIP file]

Digital Modes
Several digital modes have been developed to use your PC with a sound card interface to communicate over the air in the HF and VHF bands. All require a hardware interface between your rig mic and speaker to your PC sound card. This interface may be purchased or easily constructed and may also be used for the CW software mentioned above.
    Download Digipan PSK31 & PSK63 [630k ZIP file]
    Download Amateur RTTY [742k ZIP file]
    Download MT63 (PSK63) [880k EXE file]

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